Thursday, October 30, 2008

family photos

Hi All
Our new friends, the very talented Stukis, have been very generous and have taken family pictures for us. Here are a couple web albums where you can view them. Please help us choose our favorites. Ann did such a great job and we are having a very hard time narrowing it down.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

a bunch of posts

I've been behind on blogs lately, so keep scrolling down . . .

ward halloween party 2008

We had our ward Halloween party last night so we got to get the costumes out early this year. Jake as a Jedi night:

Spencer as Curious George with Brent as the Man in the Yellow Hat:

Elijah the Pirate:

Elijah's pirate friend Sebastian and the awesome skeleton decor at the party.


The kittens seem to think that Oliver's water bowl is better than theirs so they spend a lot of time climbing into his bowl. Oliver thinks its great; free snacks anytime.

first day of school 2008

School started on September 4, 2008. Jake started third grade. Elijah started kindergarten. Spencer began his second year at Tot Lot.

Elijah 's classroom. The pocket chart in the background is so they can "build rainbows" when they do something good. He gets very excited when he gets to build a rainbow. He gets to a lot; he's a great kid and loves his class.I love this Charlie Brown moment on his way to his first lunch in the cafeteria.

We've already had our parent/teacher conferences and they are both doing really well. They love school and I love to take them so Spence and I get to hang out.

a day at the pool

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Cruise

Brent and I had a great time on our cruise. We traveled on the Carnival Paradise to Catalina and Ensenada. The staff was attentive, the food was plentiful, and we had zero cares. It was wonderful to leave the everyday worries (what should I make for dinner, how long can I sleep before picking up the kids, etc) and just be together. Its amazing how distracting those kinds of things can be. Brent and I actually just spent time sitting together, talking, and daydreaming. It was heaven. We really needed a chance to connect for a while and the cruise let us do that. I love my husband for so many reasons and it was great to be able to concentrate on just us for a few days. Thanks again to my mom for using HER VACATION TIME to be mom to our boys. It made the trip that much better knowing the kids were well cared for.