Thursday, December 4, 2008


-Spencer has four, FOUR accidents before 2:00 PM
-Oliver pees in the middle of the living room. He hasn't done that for MONTHS. The back door is open for him to go out. Still pees.

-Poor kitty Simba is caught peeing out of the litter box again. He doesn't have all his parts in the right places, so he sort of has an excuse, but he is now an outside kitty.
-While playing at Gio's house; Spencer lowers his pants and pees on Gio's bedroom throw rug. He does NOT have an accident; he purposely pees on the rug. Gio's mommy is having a baby tomorrow. She really needs to be dealing with other people's kids' bathroom issues.

-Elijah has an accident right at the end of school. He doesn't tell his teacher, so I have to tell her in the morning that the rug needs to be cleaned.
-Ten minutes later, we are in the car and he pees his booster seat.

WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!?????