Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break

On Tuesday we took a day trip to Balboa Park in San Diego with the Bousfields.  We went to visit the model railroad museum.  This is the same park where the San Diego Zoo is housed but I did not know that. Who knew we had a Central Park in California? I had never been to the park before and I have missed out.  It is amazing.  They have several museums, beautiful landscaping and tons of Spanish Architecture.  I want to go back just to be able to really look at the park.

Inside the train museum.

One of the many lovely fountains.
The kids really liked "the dragon" entitled "Nikigator".  It was a sculpture and a mosaic.  Spencer says, "Its a dragon made of marbles, colored marbles."
We stopped at Ruby's in Carlsbad for dinner and did a little shopping at the outlets on the way home.  It was a great day.

Happy Easter

The kids enjoyed many opportunities to celebrate Easter.  There was an egg hunt at cub scouts, tot lot, and kindergarten.

And of course egg dyeing at home.

Gio and Baby Vinnie came over to help out.

Those eggs were for the home egg hunt, then a delicious egg salad.

The afternoon took us to the Bousfields for a fantastic Easter meal and dessert where they got to each decorate and eat their own bunny cakes.
Ash is a smart boy. He just dug into the strawberry shortcake provided for the grown ups. 
But Eli loved his bunny cake.
We are trully thankful for the blessings of the Atonement and the Ressurection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We hope your Easter was happy and full of love.

spencer had a birthday shout hoo-ray!!

Spencer turned four. We had a couple of parties to celebrate.
Ashton was there.
And Jason.
Don't forget Emily.
The brothers came as well.
Yesterday, we had the big party with all the friends. We shared the party with Giovanni because he is turning four soon as well. The theme was Finding Nemo.
Goodie bags:

The cupcakes were Grandma Zollinger's fudge buttermilk cake, YUM!
We played a little Zim Zam at the park.
Floating Ping Pong Toss.
And some other kids at the park had the coolest toy ever. There was an instant parade.
The weather was perfect for a water balloon extravaganza.

the pinata:
Gio and Spencer with their matching MarioKart rash guards and McQueen sunglasses. Thanks Bousfields.

This video is too cute. He goes throuh about 15 different little facial expressions. Happy birthday little man!!