Thursday, March 26, 2009

two wheels

i dont' need these anymore!!

centennial farm

Elijah took a field trip to Centennial Farm this week.  And the docent at the farm was his teacher's husband.  He had a ball.  There were pigs, piglets, oxen, cows, ducks, geese, goats, chickens, and chicks (which he got to hold).  
He even came home with a little seed planted in a pot.  When I asked him what he planted, he said, "it's like a carrot; but it's red."
"a radish?"
"yes, I planted a radish."
i sure love this boy.

Listening carefully to learn how to plant his "red carrot".
Sparkles and Patches: the oxen
Waiting for the bus.
He is really enjoying that baby chick.

I miss you big brother

Spring is always a little bittersweet for me.  I love the new warmth and the spring bulbs.  But on this day, I lost my big brother, Jason.  I miss him terribly.  Its been 24 years but I remember as if it were yesterday.  I think he and Brent would have gotten along famously.  And he would have been an amazing uncle to my boys, just like Keith and Darrin.  

Thinking of you today Jason.  I love you.

pinewood derby '09

jake participated in his second pinewood derby a couple weeks ago.  last year he was all about form.  he and brent made an awesome fabulous hudson hornet.  he won his first heat, then was eliminated after two more races.
this year, he was all about function.  the design was very simple and aerodynamic.  he got THRID place.  he was totally jazzed!!

one of the other boys from the troop did mater.  so cute!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


spencer walked into our room the other night, AFTER we put him to bed, threw his arms up in the air and said,

"i'm going to pretend its not night!"

after we finished giggling, we told him it didn't work that way. "Go to Bed!"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Newport Coast

We spent four lovely days in Newport Beach at the end of January.  It was a great little vacation; far enough away that we felt we were in another place alltogether, with just a 30 minute drive. The best of both worlds.  
Crystal Cove is a beautiful state beach and nature preseve just across the highway from the resort.  There were tide pools and beautiful cliffs to enjoy.  We had a blast.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i blame facebook

so its been a while.  i know.  but i joined facebook and i have just been hanging out there for a bit.  i love being able to just see how folks are.  i care what is going on with their life and i can feel happy for them (or sad, if needed) and its convenient for all parties.  but i think the initial novelty is about to wear off and i'm back.

but . . . my camera is broken.  again.  so it is off recuperating in connecticut, or some ridiculous place , (shouldn't there be a repair shop at least somewhere in the western US kodak?) and i am currently not taking photos.  so let me look through the archives and see what i've missed that needs to be posted . . .

ah yes.  we built a fire.  in our fire place.  it started out as a very nice block tower (the kids were very impressed with brent's mad tower skills) and then we lit it, and it burned.  there is something so amazing about fire, even in california where it is hardly necessary.  so then i wanted to rearrange the living room so we could actually sit and watch the fire.  but, it turns out you can't set up two sofas to watch a TV and a fire at the same time when the TV and fireplace are on opposite ends of the room.  so we put everything back. 

hmmm.  what else is there . . .
simba the kitten died.  one day he became very lethargic and weak.  in the morning he did not wake up.  we are pretty sure he just wasn't built right from the beginning.  he was never able to take care of his personal business in the appropriate place which indicated to the vet that a few of his parts may not have been functioning well.  so we only got to hang out with him for a few months.  he was a very sweet and affectionate kitty, and the softest i've ever met.  his sister elsa seems to be taking it all in stride.  she tries to cuddle with the dog, but they don't fit quite as well in the same bed as she and simba did.

well, it turns out i haven't blogged because not much is going on.  we are just living out each day the best we can.  everyone is well and we are being well taken care of.  all our love to all of you.