Sunday, January 31, 2010

mission model

jake has finished his mission model. he did a great job and i think he learned a lot. it was fun to see all the other kids' models in his class. they were each very creative. go 4th graders!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

tales of a fourth grade california mission project

Jake will be making a model of the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana for his fourth grade project. So we took a little field trip to check it out. It has been beautifully restored.

we giggled when we saw the "beware of dog" sign. Totally authentic.
Original adobe, left exposed for us to enjoy.

We'll post photos of the project when its finished.

knott's berry farm 2009

christmas morning at the fraley's

We spent Christmas at Chuck and Laura's. It was great.
Santa filled the room with balloons!!
We played and had a fantastic prime rib for Christmas dinner.

We love Christmas time. Thanks for the hospitality Fraley's.

christmas and cousin time

we got to spend the morning with the Meidell's on their way to Mexico. Nothing like a little graham cracker decorating before cruise time.