Sunday, June 29, 2008


my sister has posted a whole blog about our teeth. rather than type it all up myself, i will just redirect you to her blog.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


our friend amy has a neighbor named bonnie who has horses. she invited us over to have a little cowboy fun. there are a lot of photos, so i am going to keep them kind of small. you can click on the pictures to see a full size view.

wedding season

we attended two weddings this past weekend. spencer and eli LOVED the chocolate fountain.

griffith observatory

to kick off the summer, we spent a very HOT afternoon at the griffith observatory. it was awesome. the kids really got a kick out of all of the telescopes and science-y stuff.

at the trail head where we had lunch. some crazy people were actually RUNNING up the trail, at noon, in 100 degree weather. not us, we wanted shade.
on the front lawn of the observatory
on the roof, the east side where the large, lunar telescope is housed. Elijah did not like being near the edge (even though there were 18 inch thick walls). every time ANYONE got close to the edge or, heaven forbid, sit up on the wall, he would FREAK OUT. it would have been totally funny except he was actually terrified that something bad was going to happen to his friends. such a tender guy.
the periodic table of the elements (for you sue anne)
my future astronomers
commiserating with einstein. the little monkey on the statue is our friend kai.

perfect attendance

Jacob finished second grade last week and had a very good year. He has really excelled in his schoolwork and has been relatively good about being self-motivated when it came to homework. At the beginning of the year, he made a goal for himself to earn perfect attendance. Over the course of the year, he had to make choices that would affect the outcome of reaching that goal. I am happy to say, he chose going to school every time. This was never a goal that I would have set for myself when I was a kid, which makes it doubly impressive to me. Way to go Jake!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

preschool graduation

eli graduated from preschool yesterday. they had a little ceremony to mark the occasion. he really has come a long way since he started, and he is more than ready for kindergarten. here are some highlights.

the graduate:
the procession, ah the pomp and circumstance of it all:
the song: (sorry about the shaky video, i had to zoom quite a bit because we were in the back of the church, and the lady in front kept getting in the frame, ugh)

waiting, zollingers are always last:
the diploma:
he did it!!

lakewood village community church nursery school class of 2008. they are so excited about what lies ahead:

Thanks Mrs. Hayes!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

he's all that and a bag of chips

spencer gets tired in the afternoon.

he is kind of standing and sleeping on the rocking chair at the same time. every few minutes he will rock the chair; even though he is asleep. i wish i could sleep anywhere.